In the last several years, it seems fewer and fewer people are committing to working with one LOCAL Buyer Representative and I am not sure why that is. 
Granted, there is much more information available to the public than there used to be, but there is still a lot of background information that is not readily available and there may be questions that the prospective buyers haven’t thought to ask.  This is particularly important in cottage country where wells, septic systems, beach ownership and access, availability of services and utilities and internet access can add to the complexity of any prospective purchase.  
Often people choose to work with an agent from their urban home environment, which is not ideal simply because of the variation in property types and amenities in more rural environments.   I’ve heard of very recent situations where people have purchased cottages using an out-of-area REALTOR®  who assured them the beach was just down the road, only to find out too late that they DO NOT have access to that beach because it’s owned by a private Community Association and access is restricted to members only.  A local real estate agent would have known that.  It’s understandable and commendable that Buyers are loyal to an agent who helped them buy/sell their city home, but using a local agent is the smart thing to do – and we are happy to pay your city agent a referral fee.  We do the legwork, and your city agent gets a portion of the commission in thanks for sharing their client with us.
Sometimes people say that they aren’t ready to commit to a purchase and don’t want to waste an agent’s time, so they just book directly and go see the homes themselves.  It’s crucial to keep in mind that the Listing Agent is working for the SELLER.  When we represent Buyers, we appreciate the opportunity and time to get to know you and specifically what you are looking for. The very best way to do that is to go see some homes together. It’s not a waste of time.
 If you aren’t quite ready to buy, we are happy to set you up on a search that will send you listings with the high-level criteria you are looking for, so that you can become familiar with the local market.  Looking but not going to purchase unless you find the exact right property?  That’s OK too.  
If we know what your situation is, we can tailor our time commitment and services to suit your needs.  And when that exact right property shows up, we will be on the phone and letting you know about it immediately.
And, finally,  if you are ready to buy now, we are ready to go! Get your mortgage pre-approval, lock in the interest rate and let’s go shopping!